Consumer Reports chief content officer Bounds is departing for Smart News

Consumer Reports chief content officer Bounds is departing for Smart News

Gwendolyn Bounds, vice president and chief content officer at Consumer Reports, is leaving the publication to become head of content at SmartNews.

Rich Jaroslovsky, vice president of content and chief journalist at SmartNews, writes:

I’m delighted to announce that Gwendolyn (Wendy) Bounds is joining our team in a new role as Executive Director and Head of Content. Wendy is joining us after 8+ years at Consumer Reports, where she’s been Vice President and Chief Content Officer. Prior to joining CR, she was a fixture at The Wall Street Journal (which, I swear to God, is not a prerequisite for being hired here, myself and Chris notwithstanding!). She held various senior roles at the Journal, including small-business editor and multimedia columnist, while becoming one of its best-known public faces through her frequent appearances on CNBC, ABC’s Good Morning America and the Journal’s own video platforms. (You can check out some of her greatest hits here.) She’s also the author of two books, including Little Chapel on the River, a book about her personal post-911 journey.

At SmartNews, Wendy will assume overall responsibility for content development, policy, planning and execution, including both the Content and Media Operations teams, and will report directly to me. She will join senior management for our offsite later this month in Hawaii and start her new role in late September.

Wendy is a native of North Carolina graduate of the UNC at Chapel Hill, and lives in Garrison, NY. She is also a competitive obstacle-course racer, which is … actually a pretty good qualification for a life in media/technology these days. Please join me in welcoming her to the team!

SmartNews is a news aggregation app and website whose mission is to help break consumers out of filter bubbles by exposing them to news from different perspectives. SmartNews also is launching tools focusing on delivering vital health and safety information in new formats, including a vaccine dashboard and natural disaster tracker.

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