Princeville Climate is Princeville Capital’s fund which invests in growth-stage technology companies with a primary goal of having a positive impact on climate change in sectors such as Smart Grid, Advanced Mobility, Smart Cities, Industrial, Smart Agriculture and Resilient Health

Our Mission

We invest in leading growth stage companies that leverage mega-trends in technology (e.g., sensors, artificial intelligence, cloud computing) and deploy innovative business models to drive a positive climate impact and deliver strong returns for our investors.

There is increasing global momentum and urgency to address climate change among countries and local governments around the world.  This urgency, coupled with global policy action, innovation, and investment driven by the Paris climate agreement, is creating an environment ripe for investment where innovative technologies are playing a critical role in limiting the effects of climate change.

We leverage these opportunities and apply our decades of experience in the climate and technology sectors, global network of relationships, and capital markets expertise to help companies expand to new markets and deliver climate impact at scale.

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how we add value

  • Business Expansion - in global markets utilizing our unique network; build partnerships

  • Climate Policy Expertise - understanding and access to global policy environment and governments to drive growth and adoption

  • Knowledge Transfer - from our global team and portfolio company experiences

  • Deep Capital Markets Experience - for follow-on capital and exit preparation / structuring; access to global pools of capitals

  • Operational Guidance - in growth strategy, operations, and talent acquisition

  • …And in many more ways

how we invest

Princeville Climate has a robust process to identify unique investment opportunities that have a direct or indirect positive climate impact.  Using a top down research and direct analysis approach, Princeville focuses on the global centers of innovation (North America, Europe and Asia). 

We use our investment teams across our strategic global offices to scour sector research to identity and actively track companies that fit our investment thesis.  We continually evaluate these companies in our core sectors throughout their life-cycle. This enables us to compare and contrast technologies, management teams, strategies and business models to find investments that have the highest potential for returns for our investors, while also ensuring impact on addressing climate change.

We also use our unique sets of global networks to find proprietary deals.  This is primarily driven by a vast personal network that the Princeville team has curated over the course of the last three decades.  This includes industry experts, board members, advisors, and importantly entrepreneurs in Silicon Valley, Europe, China and across other leading technology hubs around the world.

As investors we are also committed to a transparent and accountable responsible investment approach.  Our strategy is informed by international best practice for environmental, social and governance management. This includes applying our approach to how we screen investments, assess risk, value opportunities, and manage our investments over the lifetime of our fund.

OUR Climate positive investing approach

Princeville Climate has developed a streamlined and transparent approach to screening sectors and portfolio companies with metrics and a methodology that ensure impact and profit are core to our investment strategy.  We define this as Climate Positive® investing.  

Investments in Climate Positive® technologies and business models are those that directly or indirectly reduce carbon pollution and/or enhance climate resilience in a financial return driven fashion.  Broadly, Climate Positive® investments further solutions that address climate change (mitigation and/or adaptation) by leveraging key mega-trends in technology innovation such as cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and proliferation of data-rich “smart” systems.  

Our sector strategy was developed by applying a “climate positive” screen to the landscape of potential climate change related sectors to identify the sectors that deliver a significant contribution to:

Carbon Pollution.png

Reducing Carbon pollution

Positive Returns.png

Enabling positive returns

Developing Countries.png

Global deployment

E_SDG_logo_No UN Emblem_square_rgb.png

Advancing the sustainable development goals

Climate Resilience.png

enhancing climate resilience

Sectors We Like

We are continually evaluating business model innovation, technology progress, and global policy developments across the landscape of climate-focused companies. Applying our Climate Positive® methodology of profit and impact currently concentrates our focus on six sectors:

Smart Grid Technology

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Advanced Mobility


Smart Cities


Smart Agriculture

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Resilient Health Systems