Advisors to Princeville Climate

Teresa Barger2.jpg

Teresa Barger

Emerging markets investment expert, CEO of Cartica, Former Director
of PE at IFC

Thor Bjorgolfsson

Successful businessman, entrepreneur, and investor

Leonardo DiCaprio

Academy Award winner, producer, and climate leader

ADVISORS to Princeville Capital

Tor Braham.jpg

Tor Braham

Senior Technology industry advisor, M&A lawyer, Investment banker and board member

Richard Hart.jpg

Richard Hart

Expert in SaaS software and capital markets, Former CFO/CSO of


Simon MacGibbon

eHealth and Technology visionary, Co-Founder of Myia Health, and Co-Founder & Partner of BCG Digital Ventures


Edward Cheung

Experienced investor in Enterprise Software and Internet, Former Tencent Investment Team

Kirill Chliaifchtein (1).jpg

Kirill Chliaifchtein

Experienced Wealth Manager
and Angel Investor
Founder and CEO of GiftMagic

Maria Headshot2.jpg

Maria Herrera

Wealth and asset management expert,
Co-Founder of CH Global

Bryan Li (2).JPG

Bryan Li

Renewable Energy and China investment expert, Former Executive Director of Yingli Green Energy